The girls of NJAmsterdam

NJAmsterdam twinsisters


Do you know the twin sisters of NJAmsterdam Jewelry Makers?


This is our story.
Ever since I was a child the beautiful colours of gems fascinates me. I’m sure I inherited this gem love from my mom. 

I couldn’t stop looking to those sparkling jewelry my mom and granny where wearing. My eyes were attracted to their jewelry. Every piece was handmade and set with colorful gemstones. Beautiful pieces of art made by artists from Bali and Java. Laetitia is a graduate gemologist (GG) at the renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The years passed and finally I have made a full time job of my passion: NJAmsterdam, named after my mother Noesje. A tribute to the woman with whom it all begun.

In our house of gems you will find handmade jewelry with special gemstones and minerals. The silverwork is especially made for NJAmsterdam by our silversmith in Bali.

Do you have questions? Are you looking for a specific gemstone? Please send us an e-mail: [email protected]

Laetitia and Miranda