Agate, history and lore


Agate and decoration

Already centuries ago the enthousiasm about agate was huge. All the different lines, the variation in shades and colors makes every piece of agate incomparable. The kings of Pontus were well known for the extended collection agate bowls.

Besides the bowls the agate also was highly appreciated as a talisman. In former days they believed that agate prevents thirst or protects against fever.

A few special agates:
-       Stinking water plume agate
-       Crazy lace agate
-       Red yellow moss agate
-       Christmas tree agate
-       Burning bush agate
-       Fire agate

Agate and the zodiac sign

The yellow agate belongs to Gemini, Tauro, Virgo and Scorpio. 

Agate and spirituality

Protection against headache, during pregnancy and skin condition.