The secret power of gems

Beautiful gemstones

The most beautiful gemstones give a feeling of 'life'. 

The most beautiful gems give you the feeling that they "live". They are available in cheerful colors and no one gemstone is the same, that is what makes them so unique. Sometimes you will also find natural inclusions or irregularities in the gemstones, these are included during growth and give the stone its uniqueness.

Our gemologist, Laetitia, is fascinated by these inclusions, because often this irregularity gives an indication if the gem is a man-made synthetic stone or a natural.

For our Kiliaan Collection we use the most beautiful, high quality, precious stones.

Where to find natural gemstones

Gemstones are found in almost every country in the world. Every gemstone and mineral creates his own personal story. Not only the gorgeous colors and patterns but also their own history and the place were they are found contributes to their story and made them unique. They are an inspiration for the mythology as well as jewelry makers.