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Laetitia bij de Radnapuri mijn in Sri Lanka


Laetitia the gemologist of NJAmsterdam

Do you want to know what Laetitia’s first words were? Well, one of them was the word Diamond! Many people think that I’m joking, but I’m not. I’ve heard her saying that word many times when she was playing with her bear. Diamonds (and the bear) was her first big love.

For almost 30 years Laetitia is interested in gemstones and minerals. For a long time she worked annually, together with a gemologist on the famous Tuscon Gem Shows.

It was during these shows that she became more and more interested in the magical world of gemstones. It became her passion.


Stuyding at the world-famous Gemological Institute of America

Her announcement that she was starting a study Gemology at the famous Gemological Institute of America; the GIA was therefore not surprising at all.

The first study was Colored (colored by mother nature) Stones. She stepped in the world of precious gemstones and learned to identify an impressive variety of gemstones. She studied hard to evaluate the gems by color, quality and of course rarity.



After graduated on Colored Stones she started studying the art and science of diamonds grading. During that time you could find her from the morning till the evening in the laboratory. Lab classes were her favourite; every diamond slide through her fingers. It wasn’t surprising that Laetitia graduated also on diamonds. Her expertise is the base for NJAmsterdam jewelry to choose and buy gemstones.

Are you looking for that special gem? Don't hesitate to send an email: Laetitia@NJAmsterdam.nl

Laetitia Ruchtie GG